Some new personal work

Just back from a delightful shoot in Paris - 4 days shooting b/w reportage for a lovely new client. Warm Indian summer, four days of cloudless skies and 30 º heat every day! Just like the old days at 'The Independent' - it's almost the very definition of photography - a couple of hand held Leica cameras and off you go into the Paris streets. Of course, strict French privacy laws and the fact that the images are to be used worldwide on packaging means that I had restrictions that Mssrs Cartier-Bresson et al didn't have to worry about, but still a thoroughly enjoyable few days. Will post some pictures once they are all edited and in use on the shelves. (Perhaps I'll dig our some of the b/w newspaper pics from my days at the Indy - it's celebrating it's 25th Anniversary this year - watch this space...) In the meantime, here's a little bit of new (varied) personal work shot over the last couple of months.