Mazda Cars shoot, Fogo Island, Newfoundland

It's been a busy few months at the end of 2014, beginning of 2015. First up a lovely car shoot for Mazda in Canada. Essentially designed as a 'road-trip' shoot with a Mazda 3 Sport. The location was Fogo Island off the Newfoundland coast, traditionally a close knit fishing community that was suffering after the long and ongoing moratorium on the Northern Cod Fishery on the Grand Banks in the north Atlantic. The community had been struggling for years with the impact of the collapse of the fishing and recently native Fogo Islander Zita Cobb who had left and made her fortune on the mainland returned with an extraordinary project to breath life back into the island: The Fogo Island Inn is a spectacular modernist luxury hotel and the symbol of Fogo's reinvention of itself as a hub of cutting edge art and design. All in all a fascinating story and fabulous backdrop for a car shoot.

Here's some pictures.....

Fogo_12Fogo_01 Fogo_09Fogo_02 Fogo_07Fogo_03 Fogo_10Fogo_04 Fogo_06Fogo_05Fogo_11

Rockabilly Nights

A few images from a new personal project Rockabilly Days/Rockabilly Nights. First the nights....

Rockabilly, it seems, is alive and well and living in Liverpool - all pictures shot on location at Camp and Furnace as part of the Action Packed Rockabilly Extravaganza

Thanks to Mike Badger, the main man, who agreed to me taking over one end of the venue for my impromptu studio.










Lexus Shoot in the Cotswolds

It's been a busy few weeks with the publication of the new book and shoots for The National Trust in Scotland  and Lexus in Gloucestershire. All this of course, whilst trying to keep up with Bradley in the Tour - only a few big hills to go now then onwards and upwards to Paris! Here's a few images from the Lexus shoot with the new GS at The Lakes by Yoo in the Cotswolds.