Paint the Town Red, 2019

Last year I made a little series of pictures called ‘Paint the Town Red’ - portraits of Liverpool fans with their houses decorated for the Champions League final.
The Guardian wanted to run them, but timing just didn’t work out. 
“No problem”, I said, “we can just do it next year”  
I was only half joking.
Good as their word, the Wednesday after the amazing 4-0 comeback against Barcelona in the semi final they said they would like to run them this year and could I shoot some more.
Of course after the second extraordinary semi final, I called them first thing on the Thursday morning: “you’re going to want me to do Spurs too aren’t you?”, I said. 

So, here it is….. Paint the Town Red, part 2 (or part nine actually, but I’ll need to be a bit careful in case my impartiality is questioned)
And paint your back room a little bit white and blue too……

Thanks to the super team at The Guardian who were inspired to make it a double cover for the very first time... ...although I much prefer one to the other :)