Guilty Pleasures...things you don't hear on UK radio stations.

Sitting in Helsinki airport (why don't all airports have free wifi?) and reflecting on the joys of European radio stations. There is something weirdly enjoyable about the relentless hitting of the search buttons on long drives. Amidst all the Europop (everywhere) and thrash metal (Finland) you do get an occasional blast from the past. Not always what you might choose to have on your current playlist but somehow strangely comforting... Finland April 17/18th 2012

Radio City, Helsinki:

God Save the Queen - the Sex Pistols. Can't believe that was written in the year of the silver jubilee and now we have a diamond jubilee! Odd to think that the Sex Pistols are closer in time to the coronation than they are to today. This'll take you back...

Alabama Song - The Doors. The strange oompah classic reworking of the old Bertholt Brecht and Kurt Weil opera song (haven't heard that for 20 years at least)  and, well worth hearing, this is where it came from.... - Lotte Lenya sings it in 1930 - you won't here this on the Europop stations!

YLE - X3M (apparently this sounds like 'extreme' when said in Finnish - I get it!)

Hanging on the telephone - Blondie. Now there's a driving song - just great!

Radio Nostalgia - Tampere

Vincent - Don McClean. He clearly had penchant for writing songs about dead people. When did you last hear this?

Ones to miss: SuomiPop FM - don't even think about it, And Rock FM - I bet strepsils have a good business in Finland - stop shouting!!

Nuff nostalgia.... ed!

nice trees out the window too...